Supporting The Brave

The Texas legislature must do right by our law enforcement, active military, and veterans.
The time for talk is over - we can do better for our service men and women.

  • We owe a debt of honor and gratitude to the men and women who currently serve, or have previously served, our nation, our state, and our community. As the son of a veteran, I honor their service.

  • To those brave women and men in local law enforcement, I will work to honor your service in keeping our communities safe, protecting our borders, and serving our neighborhoods.  
  • I will be a voice in Austin of support for continued veteran’s benefits, including training after military service, medical healthcare, educational benefits, and disability compensation. I will work every day to honor those who currently serve, or have served, in protecting our liberties.

  • And I will listen to the leadership from our local veteran’s affairs committees and to the leadership of all local law enforcement agencies to represent their needs in Austin. 

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