Shake Things Up – May 21 - Campaign Update

Moving toward victory on November 6th!


Friends and Neighbors,

Moving toward victory on November 6th!

Neal's Notes
East Texas is younger than you might expect. In an article from the Tyler Loop, the data shows that the median age of Tyler is 33. This makes Tyler a younger city than many might have projected, and it changes the way we understand our community, our business growth, our infrastructure needs, our politics, and our educational opportunities.

Case in point, this past week I met a number of new East Texas residents at ETX Brewing. Most of them had just moved here within the past year or two for our growing job base. These were all in their mid to late 20s, and they were moving here from bigger cities for jobs in the energy, technology, or health sectors. This is great news for East Texas. As I began talking to one of them about my campaign, they seemed slightly disengaged. But when I mentioned that I was running as an independent, they perked up. And one of them said to me:

"That's who I am! I'm an independent. I don't vote along party lines, I choose the best candidate for the position. I have been burned by the far-left and far-right. I love that you're running as an independent."

There is an energy in my message of independence. And it is backed up by 15 years of faithful community involvement and trusted service. I am proud to shake things up so that East Texas can have an effective voice in Austin.

Quick Update

  • Enjoyed a long-overdue reunion with some of my Leadership Tyler friends from Class 19. Over the past 13 years, Leadership Tyler has been an invaluable network for me as I worked to strengthen our community. I'm so proud of the work they do, and I am lucky to have been part of a wonderful class.

  • Last Tuesday was the Teacher of the Year banquet for Tyler ISD. Hundreds of people filled the Crosswalk Center honoring our local teachers and schools. Supporting public education is an obligation to the Texas Constitution, and it should be the top priority for any elected official. Unfortunately, that is not currently the case. I will be an advocate for the 29,000 students in our local school districts (Tyler, Whitehouse, Bullard, Chapel Hill). I will support any legislation that re-equalizes school funding and promotes good curricula. And, I will keep the retirement promises we made to our teachers. Congratulations to the Tyler Teachers of the Year!

  • Wednesday was Tyler's State of the City lunch at Harvey Convention Center. Another year, another great report on the growth of our city. Mayor Heines and the City Council do an excellent job of following fiscal conservative policies with an eye toward strategic investment to handle our growth. I'm so proud of the city workers and volunteers that continue to strengthen our community.

  • On Saturday, I could not attend a rally in Houston for the Texans 4 Public Education, but I proudly wore my shirt here in Tyler in support of their event. Texans 4 Public Education is a group of 25,000 teachers and public education advocates from across the state. They share articles, commentaries, and suggestions on how to strengthen and support our public education community. Fun fact: Teachers have some of the lowest voter turnout rates. It’s time to engage our teachers and have them support pro-public education candidates at the ballot!

  • Thursday afternoon was a celebration of the Bethesda Health Clinic at the Rose Garden. Bethesda is a powerful local ministry that provides healthcare to the working poor. As a local non-profit with no government assistance, they boast some of the best health outcomes for their patients. Healthcare is a complicated system, and we need a mix of great hospitals, medical professionals, health districts, insurance companies, universities, government support, and outstanding nonprofit clinics like Bethesda to provide communal health. This luncheon was in honor of their 15th anniversary, and I thank them for all they do.

  • Thursday evening, I held a fun meet-and-greet with local attorneys at ETX Brewing. Our legal community works hard every day to make sure we are well-represented in all aspects of the law. I am fortunate to count many local lawyers among my supporters, and I value their questions and suggestions as move forward in my campaign.

East Texas is strong because our community learns and works and grows together. I'm proud to run to be your Representative in Austin. 

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I look forward to seeing you around town.

To peace,