Property Tax

The current Texas legislature need to fund their fair share of the State budget.
We need to restore balance to reduce our local burden.

Our current representative and his West Texas funders
have overburdened Smith County taxpayers
by voting for a budget that assumes a 14% increase
in your local property taxes.

  • It's simple. Property tax decisions are made at the local level (where it should be.) One of the key roles of the legislature is to adequately fund our public schools so your local property taxes remain low. The State legislature balanced its own budget by expecting local property taxes to be raised 14% over the next two years. Yes, you read that right. And now those candidates are crying about the unfair property tax increases that they forced local communities to enact. It's simple math that calls for bold leadership. I will fight to keep local property tax rates low by making sure Austin does its job of funding our public schools.

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