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I have been so proud of this campaign from day one. We have run an amazing campaign based on local issues that will truly matter in the next Texas Legislature.



1. If you have not voted early, put Tuesday, November 6th on your calendar!  Polls are open 7am-7pm. 

2. Go to ANY polling location in Smith County to vote. The computer will pull up your correct ballot.

3. CLICK HERE to see polling locations.

4. You ONLY need a photo ID (do not need registration card).

5. Do the East Texas Two Step! Review your ballot to make sure you vote for Neal.



I have been so proud of this campaign from day one. We have run an amazing campaign based on local issues that will2_step_2.jpg truly matter in the next Texas Legislature.

And we never went negative. We stuck to the high road. We did not bring in the tea party at the last minute to smear anybody's name or fabricate issues just to scare voters.

  • I do not feel the need to respond to every manufactured claim by my opponent, but I will address one. For the record, I am not pro-abortion, I just do not want to make that decision for anyone else in those tender moments. I reject any stunt from the left (like the Freedom Network) or the right (like the local Tea Party) to politicize abortion.
    My prayer is for zero abortions.

  • I ran my campaign focused on unifying issues like public education, low taxes, support for law enforcement, retired teachers, fire fighters, and bringing an effective voice to Austin. I refused to run a campaign by dividing everyone. We are better than that.

  • Whatever happens on Tuesday, I will wake up the next day with joy in my heart for the campaign we have run. We focused all our energy on the positive message that we can do better. That is why I have no fear.

A local Republican elected official - who knows we need better representation in Austin - recently sent me a text that read:
"... thank you for the classy way you're running your campaign. It just shows it can be done."

Thank you friend.

It's easy to run a positive campaign when I am surrounded by a family that supports me, amazing volunteers, an inspiring community of friends, and the most awesome campaign chair in East Texas.

But, friends, it's not over yet. I still need your help in getting a push to the last group of voters coming out on Tuesday.

Please text your friends or share a social media post with the simple message... Hi! If you haven't voted yet, please make plans to vote this coming Tuesday. I hope you consider supporting Neal Katz. Every vote counts!

From strength to strength - may we all be strengthened.

To peace,

Join on Tuesday night! Let us know you are coming via email or through Facebook.

(DISCLAIMER FOR TEACHERS: Please don’t be nervous about receiving this email at a school or university address. It is not a violation of any law to receive political emails at your district email address. Forwarding or replying to this email would be considered a violation, so please do not forward or reply from district email or device.)

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