Maintaining Momentum - April 9 Campaign Update

There is a common theme emerging: Our East Texas neighbors are proud, hard-working people who simply want effective representation. 

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Welcome to the first weekly newsletter from the Katz for Texas campaign!

East Texas has shown me that there is wonderful energy and support for new and effective leadership from District 6. But to get there, we're all going to have to work together.  Are you in District 6? Click here to double check. 

For those who were not able to make it to the campaign kickoff on March 19th, it was an amazing moment in East Texas politics. People came together from across the political, ethnic, racial, and religious spectrum to celebrate this new opportunity for good leadership.

A Quick Update
The past few weeks have been a fun blur across East Texas:  

  • I spent time with local educators (public and private) learning about some of the struggles they face as teachers and administrators - and how the legislature in Austin can help them or hurt them. 
  • I also met with representatives from the retired teacher community who talked about their concerns.
  • I've been uplifted in talks with doctors and nurses who provide excellent care for our community.

And there is a common theme emerging: Our East Texas neighbors are proud, hard-working people who simply want effective representation. 

If I'm elected, my job in Austin is to be a voice of support for our entire community.

As I meet people around town, I keep personal notes about some of my favorite comments. Let me share with you one of my favorite moments from a meeting I had last week with a local educator. They said, 

“It's easy to default to 'one-side versus the other-side,' to 'us-versus-them,' but I choose the harder path of civility. I choose to see the value in everybody and every voice.”

Each week I will be sharing stories from meetings and events that I attend. And I encourage you to reach out to me personally. Set up a meeting, invite me to your church or civic group, host an event at your home, or simply drop a note to say hello. It's only 7 months until voting, and I have a phenomenal crew of staff and volunteers who are setting up a truly inspired campaign.

I ask you to share my website or Facebook or Twitter feed with your local friends and family - to help me spread the word and invite them into the discussion. I also ask you to consider making a donation. I am building the bank account now to pay for all of the heavy expenses this fall. The link is at the bottom of this page.

As we have heard many times before, East Texas is the greatest secret in Texas, and I'm proud to call it home. I look forward to seeing you all out and about in our community.

To peace,