Keeping Busy – June 11 Campaign Update

Wow! What an amazing turnout last Monday at Stanley's BBQ for the campaign Meet & Greet and Signature Party.


Friends and Neighbors,

Wow! What an amazing turnout last Monday at Stanley's BBQ for the campaign Meet & Greet and Signature Party.

This is my last week of collecting signatures.  If you are a Registered Voter in House District 6, (see the map here) and you are interested in adding your name to my ballot petition in this final week of signatures, please reach out to me via email or via private Facebook message and either I or one of my campaign friends will come out to get your signature. I will also be holding office hours this coming week at my campaign office.

You can also come by during office hours and pick up a new purple campaign shirt for a suggested $10 donation.

Tuesday, June 12 – 3:00p-5:30p
Wednesday, June 13 – 5:30p-8:00p
Thursday, June 14 – 11:30am – 2:00p
Friday, June 15 – 2:00p – 4:00p

The campaign office is located at 620 Shelley Drive in Tyler. In the Chili's parking lot, there is an Air Force Recruiting Office in the shopping center behind. I am on the back side of the Air Force Recruiting Office. Send me a note to let me know if you want to stop by, or would you like me to come to you for a signature. Thank you all for your continued donations and support.

Quick Update

  • This past Thursday I was invited to the Sonrise Prayer Breakfast by their speaker that day, Reverend Byron Wesley. His presentation focused on what it means to be a blessing to humanity. The room was filled with friends who have been meeting for over 30 years for this weekly Christian prayer breakfast. It was a room full of men and women who are called to bring holiness into our world through their faith. What a beautiful way to start the morning.

  • Thursday afternoon was a meeting of the energy subcommittee of the Chamber of Commerce. We heard a presentation from the Workforce Solutions - East Texas. They are often incorrectly called the unemployment office, but in fact they are a powerful state-sponsored agency that works to support businesses in our community by providing employment opportunities, skills training, job fairs, education, and so much more. We have a relatively low unemployment rate in East Texas, but the bigger issue is a mismatch of skill sets to job needs. The Workforce Solutions - East Texas is one of those agencies helping to keep our region growing through a great workforce.

  • On Thursday, I attended the introduction of the 2018-2019 calendar of events for the Cowan Center at UT Tyler. What an amazing lineup of shows, speakers, and programs for our community! The Cowan Center is not only a great place for performances, it is also an important economic driver for our community. Throughout the year, the Cowan Center draws many people from outside of our area to our community where they spend money on hotels and food and pay sales taxes. This is true with all our wonderful arts organizations in town. Thank you to the Cowan Center for planning another great season.

  • Yes, in the middle of campaigning, I'm still proud to be a committee member of the Art of Peace. This coming September will be our 8th year of community events celebrating peace and collaboration across our community. We are working diligently over the spring and the summer to bring a juried art show to the Tyler Museum of Art, a concert to Liberty Hall, a night of music at Stanley's BBQ, a discussion on race relations, a booth at the Day for Kids, and so much more. I’m excited to part of the year’s planning once again. That website will be updated soon.

Summer is a slow-down time for our community, as people head out of town and school is out.  But my campaign is keeping busy as we gear up for the fall.  Thanks to everyone for your continued support. 

Please consider making a donation to build the campaign, offering an endorsement, and letting us know if you want to volunteer.

I look forward to seeing you around town.

To peace,

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