Health Care & Mental Health

A stronger medical community means a healthier East Texas.
And access to excellent mental health services increases communal well-being,
economic growth, and family stability.

Our current representative and his West Texas funders
have continually found ways to increase private premiums
and defund healthcare access for our citizens.

  • East Texas boasts an ever-expanding and highly respected healthcare community. From the excellent hospitals to the expert doctors and nurses - from the dedicated administrators to the rural clinics, we are blessed to have world-class health care available in our backyard. Nothing should stand in the way of getting access to that great health care.

  • Yet, our health care community does not have a strong voice in Austin to help us reach our full potential. Because of decisions by the current Texas legislature, we have worsening access to prenatal care, which is causing increased infant mortality rates. We also have an increased incidence of heart disease and we have the highest rate of stroke-related deaths in the state. All this is costing us more money. Good health care and smart policies will reduce our tax burdens and increase our quality of life.

  • We are also in need of increased access to mental health services. As a proud founding board member of the Samaritan Counseling Center of East Texas, I have seen first-hand the need for great counseling services in our community. When we properly invest in mental health, we will reap the rewards of safer neighborhoods, healthier families, and a stronger workforce.

  • I will work to protect the doctor-patient relationship.
  • I am committed to listening to the voices of our local health care and mental health leadership to make sure we have excellent representation in Austin.

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