Friendships Matter

The caption on the picture simply says, “Friendships Matter.”



Smith County voters are breaking records! Over 30,000 of your neighbors have already voted in this election cycle. General election day is November 6th, but you can skip the lines on that day by voting early through this coming Friday.2_step_2.jpg

And voting for me is easier than we assumed. Since I'm not running on a party ticket (Go Independent!), when you go through the ballot person-by-person, just choose me when it comes to House District 6.

If you straight ticket, then you do the “East Texas Two Step.”
First vote straight-ticket (Step 1) and then in the review
press the button for Neal Katz (Step 2).
This will not change any other part of the ballot.
And this is how you can make sure we have an effective voice in Austin.


Call or text your 10 closest friends in Smith County to make sure they have voted, and share with them why you support me. It is the most effective way to amplify your voice.

I ask you to continue making contributions to the campaign so we can finish strong.

Thank you all for you continued support.

To peace,


One of my favorite social media posts of the campaign came from a person who has my sign in his yard next to Ted Cruz and Louie Gohmert. The caption on the picture simply says, “Friendships Matter.”

This is a Conservative person with whom I have worked for a decade. And he places personal trust above everything. He has worked with me long enough to know that I am a person of my word, and that I will work overtime to make sure everybody's voice is included. Just because there is a Republican on the ballot is not enough of a reason to vote for that person. This voter wants to vote FOR a person they can trust to actually get stuff done.

On a daily basis, I have one or more people tell me that they see my yard signs next to Beto or Cruz signs. And inevitably they complain about my sign placement next to one candidate or the other. 

The truth is - I'm not in charge of people’s sign placement. And I love the fact that my signs are next to Republican and Democrat candidates alike. People also worry that my sign placement somehow represents my political leanings. Well in this case, it does. 

It means that I will be proud to stand next to anybody.That's the mark of the true Independent.

And no matter what lies my opponent invents about me – I stand strong, because I stand with you. All the rest is noise.

My message today is the same as it was a year ago: we need a better representative in Austin to focus on public education, low taxes, a better voice for roads, a trusted friend that will listen to the business community, a fighter for law enforcement, firefighters, and retired teachers from Day One, and someone who values local control.

It's simple. When we have a trusted community leader in Austin, then our voice will be heard.