Strengthening Our Economy

Our local businesses need a more powerful advocate in Austin.
Neal will champion our East Texas business community and help it grow. 

Our current representative and his West Texas funders
held the Legislature hostage over irresponsible legislation
that could severely damage Texas’ ability to expand our economy.

  • East Texas has a loving heart and a fiscally conservative wallet. That's one of the reasons I love our community. We know how to make business grow. As the son of a small business owner, I appreciate the hard work and skill it takes to run a business. And that work ethic needs to be represented in Austin.

  • I’m proud to serve on the board of the Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce, because I recognize the role that business plays in creating good jobs, offering community services, strengthening our economy, and keeping our taxes low. 

  • East Texas needs to remain economically viable so we can attract businesses to our wonderful part of the state. That means investment in roads, education, and workforce training. 

  • East Texas is becoming an important driver in economic development for the State. And I will listen to the best voices of local business and economic leadership in our district – and bring that voice to Austin. 

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