Declaration of Independents – August 21 Campaign Update

There was an op-ed that just appeared in the Washington Post this past week that spoke about the new surge of independent candidates around the country.

mastheadEMAIL.jpgFriends and Neighbors,

Thank you to those who came out to Brady's Coffee House last week for the meet and greet. It's crucial as I move forward in this campaign that I continue to hear the voices of the community. It will only make me a better representative.

There was an op-ed that just appeared in the Washington Post this past week that spoke about the new surge of independent candidates around the country. In the article, the author said that in a recent poll,

“More than 40 percent of voters self-identify as independent, according to Gallup. In more than half the states that register and report voters by party, independent voters outnumber one or both of the two major parties.”

Click here to read the full article.

The author asks why more independent candidates are not successful.  And he answers, "The single greatest barrier to change is the question of viability."  

That is where East Texas is different. I am a viable because I have 15 years of active community service behind me. I have spent years listening to the concerns and struggles of my neighbors. I have visited over 80 local churches, taught in our schools, helped run our organizations, and served in leadership with one goal in mind: to make our community better.  I am viable because East Texas knows me.  And I know East Texas. When I am elected, I only have one goal in mind - to listen to you.

The author also mentions an organization called Unite America. They are a group looking to connect independent candidates with one another and offer their support for independent campaigns around the country. It is not a third party or a PAC with an agenda. Unite America is a group dedicated to changing the narrative of American politics for the better, and I am honored that they have included me as a candidate “on their radar.

I am moved by Unite America’s “Declaration of Independents” and I proudly share that full text on my campaign website.

Friends, there is independent strength here in East Texas. There is energy for change around the state. And there is interest from around the country to place community over party. I am the ONLY independent candidate running for the Texas State House this fall. That is the energy I am bringing to this campaign and that is why I hope you will vote for me this November.

I hope to see you at some upcoming events:

Join Neal on August 28th for our first volunteer rally. We will be discussing the ins-and-outs of volunteering, block walking, and exactly how our tactics will lead us to victory.

This will be a professional training from 6-8 pm at the Campaign Headquarters 

If you are interested,
please respond here:

Who can say no to Lola's? Join us for sandwiches and socializing on Tuesday evening, September 11th. Click here if you are interested in attending.

As we move forward together, please make a donation to build the campaign, offer an endorsement, and let us know if you want to volunteer.

I look forward to seeing you around town.

To peace,

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