Numbers Don't Lie – July 2 Campaign Update

Since January 1, the Katz for Texas campaign has received over 200 individual donations! We have run the numbers, and almost 90% of those donations came from our district. This is important to us, because it keeps us hyper-focused on local voices and concerns. We know that our current state rep. is just the opposite. Historically more than 80% of his funding comes from out of district – mostly from West Texas billionaires who own a small block of legislators, including ours.  Our current representative is beholden to his West Texas funders and not to you. Continue reading

On the Ballot – June 29 Campaign Update

We did it!! Thank you for your tireless efforts and support in getting me onto the official ballot for November 6th. The Texas Secretary of State made it official on Wednesday – and many of you have asked me, “why are you just getting on the ballot now?” Continue reading

Beyond Party Banners – June 25 Campaign Update

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to have a booth at the Lone Star Gun Show in Tyler. I take the idea of being an independent seriously and I see everyone in the community as my neighbor. So often we get caught up in party banners from the left and the right that we can't – or won’t - see one another. One of my favorite interactions came from a gun enthusiast who stopped by the booth to chat. Continue reading

Listening To The Community – June 18 Campaign Update

This past week, as I held office hours, a young woman stopped by to say hello. We had never met before, but she saw the office hours posted and decided to stop in for a visit. She is a lifelong Republican, and she came by to talk about a couple of issues that were close to her heart.  Continue reading

Keeping Busy – June 11 Campaign Update

Wow! What an amazing turnout last Monday at Stanley's BBQ for the campaign Meet & Greet and Signature Party. Continue reading

Wanted: Local Representation – June 4 Campaign Update

This past week I met with a local public official who shared their concerns about our current state representative. So much of what needs to be done for East Texas is done by representatives from out of our area. In fact, the running joke is that whenever East Texas needs something done, we have to scramble for out-of-district support to do the work that our representative cannot or will not do. Continue reading

Proud To Run - May 29 Campaign Update

We are a country grateful for our military. For those who have served, for those who are actively serving, for the families of our military, and especially those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, we offer our gratitude. Continue reading

Shake Things Up – May 21 - Campaign Update

Moving toward victory on November 6th! Continue reading

Answer The Call – May 15 - Campaign Update

This past week I was honored to host a lunch for leaders of the African American community. I am truly thankful for their involvement in our community as business leaders, civic leaders, healthcare professionals, religious leaders, and more. East Texas is a better place because of their voice. Continue reading

The Stronger Path for East Texas – May 7 - Campaign Update

One of my favorite moments this past week came in an email. It was from a local conservative friend in the medical community who sent me a donation in the early days of the campaign, but shared his concern about the viability of a run. Over the past few months, he has seen a positive shift. Continue reading

The Way I Want To Be Treated – April 30 - Campaign Update

The strength of East Texas is its people. Sometimes I am asked what it's like to campaign all the time and go from event to event. Truth is, there's not much difference in my calendar because that's what I have been doing for 15 years. Only now I'm doing it while wearing a different hat. And the joy of spending time with my community will never diminish. Continue reading

The Workable Middle – April 23 - Campaign Update

Together, we are building something special, a campaign like no other East Texas has seen before. In my steering committee meetings, I sit in a room with people from the far-right and people from the far-left – and everywhere in between - all working together to put a better representative voice in Austin. Thank you all so much for your continued support and donations. Continue reading

You Never Asked Me To - April 16 - Campaign Update

Campaigning is an exercise in listening. We may not always agree with one another, but a disagreement does not discount the value of an individual voice. Strong communities are not built from agreement on every issue. They are bound together by love and mutual respect. So, we listen. Continue reading

Maintaining Momentum - April 9 Campaign Update

There is a common theme emerging: Our East Texas neighbors are proud, hard-working people who simply want effective representation.  Continue reading

This is East Texas

This is what East Texas looks like at its best. Continue reading

Back The Blue

In September of 2016, I was honored to be part of a video production showing love and support for our law enforcement community. Click below to read more and see the video. Continue reading

Honoring Our Veterans

I was humbled to take part in a celebration honoring our military veterans at Bell Elementary in Tyler. Continue reading