No Fear - Katz For Texas

I have been so proud of this campaign from day one. We have run an amazing campaign based on local issues that will truly matter in the next Texas Legislature. Continue reading

Voting is Easy - Katz for Texas

VOTING IS EASYIf you have not voted early, put Tuesday, November 6th on your calendar - 7am-7pm to vote. Continue reading

Friendships Matter

The caption on the picture simply says, “Friendships Matter.” Continue reading

We Love More Than We Fear

We have a real chance to move the needle of Texas politics toward the workable middle. While the fringe voices on both sides demonize each other, I ask East Texas to take a deep breath and share the vision of an independent voice in Austin. Continue reading

Getting Stronger Every Day - October 21st

For those who have not had a chance to see it, I am truly proud of the advertisement in this Sunday morning's edition of the Tyler Morning Telegraph. Continue reading

There Only Was One Choice - Letter from Neal

Since the moment I announced my candidacy to represent House District 6, I have heard some version of the same question/comment almost every day... Continue reading

Prioritizing Public Education – Oct 13 Campaign Update

There is no more critical issue to our state then public education. Continue reading

10 Days of Strength – October 2 Campaign Update

We're in the home stretch of this historic campaign for East Texas. Thank you all so much for your gifts of time, prayers, financial support, placing yard signs, and volunteering. Continue reading

Scratching My Head – Sep. 25 Campaign Update

As I have spent the past year campaigning and listening to our community, there has been a recurring theme about my opponent. Quite often, he has been on the wrong side of discussion and legislation regarding sexual assault victims and sexual predators. Continue reading

FROM STRENGTH TO STRENGTH – Sep 20 Campaign Update

Thank you to so many friends and supporters who offered condolences to me on the recent death of my father. Continue reading

Pro-Public Education – September 10 Campaign Update

This past week, I was honored to speak at the Texas Public Education Conference in Canton. I shared my message of why I got into this race: to put an end to our current irresponsible and ineffective representation in Austin.  Continue reading

Relational – September 3 Campaign Update

This November 6th, East Texas has the opportunity to break the stalemate of ineffective leadership. We have the chance to elect somebody who is willing to do the hard work, the homework, and the heart work to build relationships in Austin and to be an effective voice. Continue reading

Amplify Your Voice – August 28 Campaign Update

It’s time for our community to come together to vote for an effective voice! Continue reading

Declaration of Independents – August 21 Campaign Update

There was an op-ed that just appeared in the Washington Post this past week that spoke about the new surge of independent candidates around the country. Continue reading

Upcoming Events – August 13 Campaign Update

Please join me at some of my UPCOMING EVENTS listed below. It is important for me to connect with the community and listen to local concerns.  Continue reading

Exciting Endorsement – August 7 Campaign Update

Bill Ratliff, former Republican Lieutenant Governor of Texas, has offered his endorsement to me for the House of Representatives. Continue reading

Strength in Numbers – July 23 Campaign Update

This past Sunday, the Tyler Morning Telegraph ran an article about the six-month financial reports that were due for statewide candidates. Together, we raised just over $58,000! And over that period (Jan 1-Jun 30), we outraised our opponent. Continue reading

Your Side – July 16 Campaign Update

One of the joys of building this campaign has been assembling a community of friends, volunteers, and staffers that inspire me every day. I want to share a story that happened to one of my campaign volunteers this past week. Continue reading

A Grateful Heart – July 10 Campaign Update

Independence Day is always the perfect time to reflect on the beginnings of our country. And this year, I was happy to focus on some Founding Fathers wisdom – that one of the building blocks of a strong government is effective and responsive leadership. Over the years, we have become obsessed with party leadership instead of actual political leadership. Continue reading

Happy Independence Day! - July 4

As our founders taught, we are free to set our own course for political representation. And when the current state of discourse is polarizing and ineffective because of party extremism, as George Washington predicted, we have the right to choose better a better path forward. Continue reading