Amplify Your Voice – August 28 Campaign Update

It’s time for our community to come together to vote for an effective voice!

mastheadEMAIL.jpgFriends and Neighbors,

It’s time for our community to come together to vote for an effective voice!

With the Katz for Texas yard signs on the way, there will undoubtedly be chatter about the Independent wave dotting neighborhoods all around Tyler, Bullard, Whitehouse, and Chapel Hill.

It’s exciting to imagine, but it also signifies a critical moment and huge opportunity:

  • It’s “campaign season,” with less than 60 days to early voting.

  • Politics is a hot-button topic that has left many of us exhausted.

  • This polarizing political climate will cause most of our community to turn a blind eye, ignore the signs of change on the horizon and silence their voice in the process.

  • But with your help, this campaign can be different.

It’s time that our neighbors know that they can come together for the benefit of our community, not the typical choice between one party that they love and the other party that they hate.

It’s time for our public schools and colleges to be truly valued, for our medical community to have a real advocate, and for the people of District 6 to have true representation, instead of being sacrificed for the sake of party politics and west Texas agendas.

Any campaign can have shirts, logos, social media pages and yard signs.

Effective ones require passionate people who are willing to advocate and act for the causes so many hope for in silence.

I ask for you to start the conversation with your friends and neighbors that this year in East Texas – it is not “politics as usual.”

We have an opportunity for the pro-business, pro-public school, community-centered representation we’ve been waiting for.

Thank you all for your continued strength as we move into the season.

To peace,
Neal Katz

I hope to see you at some upcoming events:

Who can say no to Lola's? Join us for sandwiches and socializing on Tuesday evening, September 11th. Click here if you are interested in attending.

A local donor has made a generous offer to the campaign - with a challenge! If we can bring in 25 donations by September 4th, this person will match it up to $1000

Donating is simple! And you can live anywhere!
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Thank you.

As we move forward together, please make a donation to build the campaign, offer an endorsement, and let us know if you want a yard sign or to volunteer.

I look forward to seeing you around town.

To peace,